Stock Class Rules:
1. Original body and frame with no modifications other than fender cut- outs, no excessive cutting or gutting allowed.  Excessive body modifications moves to Super class. Glass, heaters, gas tanks, etc. may be removed.

2. Vehicles must have all factory sheet metal except tailgates.

3. Transmission must be same as offered by manufacturer,  and shifters are allowed. No stall converters.

4. No transbrake. No manual valve body, stock transmission only.

5. All tires must be DOT#- NO cutting.

6. Radiator, fans, alternators and water pumps in stock location and driven engine. May have auxillary battery and fuel tank. No electric water pumps. May run Double Hump Heads or 305 heads.

7. Small block only. Engine type must be offered by the factory. Motor no larger than 370 CID + .060 overbore. No dome pistons. No stroker or destroker.
a. Must pull 17" of vacuum at 1000 rpms. No vacuum devices.
b. Stock engine for that type truck.
c. OEM stock cast heads, no vortex or GT 40 heads. Must        have cast iron intake. No porting, polishing, or matching. Valve size must be stock for that type truck.No fuel injection.
d. Any carburetor with 750 cfm limit single pump vaccum secondary.
e. Cam shaft and lifter stock for that type truck. Must be
f. Heads must be stock on a 4x4 truck. No porting , polishing,  or matching ports allowed. Valve size must be stock for that type truck.
g. Stock ignition. No after market devices such as retards or advances.

8. Headers allowed. Exhaust must be routed through 18" mufflers.

9. No nitrous or ether allowed.

10. Functional front and rear bumpers not to exceed factory bumpers. Roll bar and seat belts mandatory.