Pure Mini:

Body on cars must stay as it came from the factory. You may cut fendor wells for tire clearance and trunk floor board for fuel cell. No front wheel drives, Nissans or Toyota. No after market bumpers or nose pieces. bumpers must be rounded other end.

Race seats are mandatory. Must have 4 pt roll cage with 3 door bars minimum on the left side and 2 on the right side. Tubing diameter must ba a minimum of 1 3/4 inch and .095 thickness or 1 1/2" with .125 wall thickness.

Stock springs and shocks must stay in stock location.

Street legal radial tires on 8 inch rims. Rearend may be welded and gears can be changed. Rearend needs to meet make and model of car. No bead lock wheels

Engine cannot be over 2300cc with .040 overbore. Motor must meet make and model of car. May run after market pistons only with the same compression ratio as the original factory motor. Stock cam, no after market cam of any kind, no degree whells, and no headers. Engine must remain in stock location. Factory ignition onlu with OEM part number on it.

Carburetor must be Ford Motorcraft 2 barrell. Carburetor claim will be $200.00. Claim must be made by a driver
of that class and must be less than 10 mins after the race. Refusal to claim will result in loss of points and money for that night events.

Weight limit must be a minimum of 2350 lbs after the feature race with driver inside.

No quick steer. No after market radiators.

May run either racing fuel or pump gas, No alcohol. No NOS.

Battery must be relocated for the driver safety and securely anchored down.

Transmission must be stock for make and model of car. Must have factory flywheel and clutch. Flywheel cannot be altered.

There will be no grace nights on these rules. Anyone found illegal will have to move up a class for the entire year.

Mufflers must be ran.