Modified Class Rules:
1. Original body and frame with no modifications other than fender cut outs, no excessive cutting or gutting allowed. Any excessive body modifications means the vehicle will be moved up to Super Class.  Glass, heaters, gas tanks, etc. may be removed.

2. Vehicle must have all factory sheet metal except tailgates.

3. Any transmission allowed. Transbrake allowed.

4. Limit of 515 CID. Enigne type must be offered by manufacturer for that type vehicle and must be in stock location with stock type mounts. Any cast iron after market block is OK.

5. Any cast iron heads (No 18 degree, 14 degree heads, high port heads, spread port heads, aluminum heads, or hemi heads allowed, etc.).

6. Any single four barrel carburetor and intake allowed.

7. Altenators and water pump optional. Radiators may be relocated.

8.Any camshaft and valve train allowed.

9. Must retain original floor pan.

10. DOT tires- NO cutting.

11. NO ether or nitrous allowed.