Mini Stock Rules:
1. Battery  may be relocated, but must securely strapped and in anchored steel enclosed box.

2. One carburetor to be one or two barrel, naturally aspired gasoline, down draft only. No type injection, be it air, water, fuel, or NOS.

3. Must have a single disc clutch or a working torque converter. All standard transmissions must have a blow proof bellhousing or a shield of metal or conveyer belt between the transmission and floorboard. All transmissions must have forward and reverse gear.

4. Stock distributors, no magnetos.

5. Fuel cell is mandatory. No boat tanks, metal boxes or homemade gas containers allowed. Trunk flooring may be removed to mount cell. Fuels cells must be contained in reinforced steel container and be securely mounted with at least two 1 inch straps at least one foot from the bumper and not directly over the rearend.

6. Any tire that fits on an 8 inch wheel. Wheels to be steel only with an eight inch width limit or 10 inch tires and wheels.

7. Stock OEM type rearends only. Must match body and frame.

8. Minimum 4 pt roll cage with minimum 3 driver sidebars. 1 3/4 inch tubing with .095 wall or 1 1/2 inch tubing with .125 wall. Front and rear loops are permitted. Track officials will inspect all roll cage installation for safety.

9. Car must weigh a minimum of 2300 pounds with driver after Feature.

10. Suspension may be modified, aftermarket springs and shocks are permitted. Spacers permitted. No tubular A-arms, Air shocks, or weight jacks are allowed.

11. Engine must be four cylinder only and must be in stock location. Engine must match body.Flat tappet or hydraulic cam only. No roller cam dual cams. No aftermarket aluminum heads, eight valve heads only, .060 oversized pistons maximum, and no dome pistons. No rotary engines, rear engines, or mid engines are allowed. Headers are permitted

12. Must have mufflers.