Late Model Rules:
1. United Dirt Track Racing Association body rules apply.

2. Engine and weight options:
        a. Open Motor: 2300 lbs.
        b. SUPR legal spec motor: 2200 lbs.
        c. All steer motor: 2200 lbs.
        **Weight limits are with driver anytime. No weight adjustment devices allowed inside car.

3. One four barrel carburetor. Gasoline or alcohol.No NOS.

4. 104" wheelbase minimum, measured from center of hub to center of hub.

5. Engine must be setback 6 inches from center of balljoint to most forward spark plug for all cars.

6. Any type rearend permitted.

7. All transmissions must have forward and reverse gears. No straight drives.

8. Hoosier tires (D and S) 55 or American Racer MD56 tires only. 70 compound tire allowed on right rear only. Tires must maintain a minimum of a 60 hardness durometer reading when checked cold and may be checked after qualifying and/or races. All indentification numbers must be visible on front and back of tires. NO TOLERANCE.

9. 8 inch UDTRA legal rear spoilers on all cars. SPEC motor exceptions: 12 inch of material tall spoiler. Three spoiler support blades are allowed. Spoiler blade dimensions are 18 inches max. length, 12 inches max height, amd must taper down to a max of 6 inches. NO adjustable rear spoilers.

10. Mufflers are required!