1. Weight limit will be a minimum of 3000 lbs after feature race with driver.

2. American made cars only. Cars must have factory stock full body. Aftermarket nose piece allowed. Pedals must remain in stock position. Stock rocker panels must remian in stock position. Roofline must remain at stock height. No compact, covertibles, or independent rear suspension cars allowed. Hulling of cars allowed, must meet weight limit. All glass, chrome, and flammable materials must be removed. Doors must be welded or bolted shut.

3.Frame and suspension parts must remain stock for make and model of car. No truck or homemade frames. Frames cannot be lengthened or shortened. Wheelbase must be stock for make and model of car. Quick steering allowed. Adjustable space in front spring cup only. No external adjustments. Springs must be stock type, minimum of 5 inches in diameter. Shocks must be stock type. No truck or heavy duty shocks, no more than one per wheel, must be in stock position, no coil over. Cars must have aminimum of 4 pt roll cage. Tubing diameter 1 1/2 inches minimum. Must have a minimum of 3 door bars on left side, 4 recommended. Must have a minimum of 2 door bars on right side. No spacers, blocks, or chains to alter suspension. Lowering blocks will be allowed on rearend.

4. Racing type seat required and must be securely fastened. Quick release safety belt with shoulder harnesses are required.

5. Seat setback shall be no more than stock position.

6. Any steel or aluminum wheels with 14 inch maximum width allowed. Cars can run soft tire on front and back. No softening chemicals for tires allowed. Safety hub allowed on front only.

7. All enigne part must retain casting numbers. Engine must be stock for make of car, maximum of 350 cubic inches with .060 overbore, stock stroke. Engine setback may be no more than No. 1 plug in line with the ball joint. Block, head, crank must be factory stock. May run stock appeaing rods. No dart, bowtie, or other aftermarket racing heads or blocks allowed. Pistons may be cast or forged. No domed pistons allowed. Any hydraulic or flat tapped cam. No roller cams. All valvetrain parts must retain stock dimensions. Roller rockers and stud girdles allowed. Roller tips allowed. ANy 2 or 4 barrel intake allowed. Any 2 barrel Rochester or Holley carburetor. No fuel injection allowed. Exhaust headers allowed. Distributor and ignition system must be stock.

8. Fuel system must remain completely stock. Fuel cells are required. Fuel cells may be relocated for driver safety. Cars must have a firewall between friver and fuel cell. Fuel will be gasoline only. Fuel lines routed through the drivers compartment must be encased in steel pipe.

9. Transmission must be stock manual or automatic. Must have working reverse gear. Small diameter clutches allowed. Direct drive automatic spool allowed. Car must be able to start and stop with engine running. All cars must have working starter. Rearends must be stock type. No truck or quick change rearends allowed. Nine inch Ford rearends allowed. No floaters. Rearend must be locked by welding spider gears. Must have shatter proof shield between fire wall and transmission.

10. Must run mufflers.