General/ Protest Rules:
Protest Rules:
1. Protest must be made during that classes race, before the class is finished running.

2. Protest must be made to the track owner or one of the tech officials.

3. Protest must be made by the driver in that class. NO anonymous protest.

4. Visual vacuum check is $60.00, Carburetor and Cam Shaft protest is $100.00 (Must pull intake and carb.), Engine tear down is $400.00 (tear down will be done by driver and limited to removal of heads). P & G check will be $150.00

5. $50.00 will be paid to the track official regardless of the decision.
General Rules:
1. 4 point seat belt harness required in all classes but stock.

2. Full Face Helmet required in all classes and Neck collar is recommended.

3. 2.5 OB ABC fire extinguisher with gauge in easy access of driver is required in all classes.

4. Shirt and Shoes must be worn by every driver and passenger. Fire suits are not required.

5. Battery disconnect switch is required in at the rear of vehicles except for stock.

6. Battery and Radiator must be securely fastened and shielded from the driver but not the drivers compartment.

7. Firewalls and Floors are mandatory. Stock vehicles must have roll bars. Super Stock and Modified must have a 4 pt. roll cage attached to the frame. Super Mods. must have a 6 pt. roll cage attached to the frame. Tubing must be a minimum of 1.5" diameter with at least .063 wall thickness. All vehicles must have a tow hook front and rear. All vehicles must have front and rear bumpers not exceeding width of wheel opening. Bumper must not have sharp edges.

8. Fuel tank cell recommended. All tanks must have positive locking screw caps. Aluminum tanks are allowed but must be securely and inside the frame perimeter. All fuel lines must be isolated from drivers compartment.

9. Hydraulic brakes required. Must be able to stop safely.

10. Drivers and riders must beat least 16 years of age and if not must have a  parents signature.

11. No loose objects inside or back of race vehicle.

12. All vehicles must be operated in a safe manner at all times. Tech officials have the right to stop  or disqualify any vehicle not operated in this manner.

13. No driver or pit crew will consume alcohol or drugs prior to event and if not followed can result in disqualifications.

14. Any infractions of fighting, alcohol, drugs, unsportsman like conduct, or tampering with others vehicles can result in disqualifications and/ or suspension

15. All automatic transmissions must have a SEMA approved shield or blanket. All standard transmissions must have SEMA apporved blow proof bell housing except stock class and super stock class.

16. Throttle pedal must be positive acting with return loop or arm for return in case of stuck throttle. Three return springs are mandatory, one on pedal and two on carburetor.

17. 2 Drive shaft loops per drive shaft, loops must be 6" minimum, 12" maximum from u-joint.

18. All trucks must have visible numbers.

19.If found cheating, you will lose points, be fined $250.00 and you will have to advance to next class for the entire year.

20. Each race truck can only step up ONE class. ex. stock can only move up to super stock and not mod.

21. All race entries  MUST be registered by end of drivers meeting--no late 2nd class entries.