1. We will not race back to the yellow, we will go back to the previous lap.

2. All cars must be signed in by 6:30. If you are not signed in by 6:30, you waive the right to draw or qualify for starting position. This means these cars will start on the rear.

3. It is the drivers responsibility to be lined up prior to race. If a car is not in the staging area before the cars enter the track it will start at the rear of the line up. Lineups will be posted.

4. All cars must pack the track. Any car not helping to pack the track will not be allowed to hot lap. Track officials reserve the right to make exceptions for car trouble.

5. All classes draw for positions except the late model class.

6. At the end of the race the top 4 cars must go directly to the scales. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and loss of prize money and points for that race.

7. From starting area, race will start after one complete lap around the track. Late models will be allowed 2 laps before the race will start.

8. All starts will be running starts, two cars abreast. If the race is stopped for any reason after the first lap is completed, the cars will be restarted in a single file line in the same position they were prior to the yellow flag. Track officials reserve the right to call a double file restart with 2 abreast behind the leader. Cars must stay in the same position until the green flag is dropped. The flagman reserves the right to stop the race at any time. All restarts will be from the cone on the front straightaway. YOU CANNOT PASS A CAR UNTIL YOU HAVE REACHED THE CONE!!

9. Any driver stopped before the completion of the first lap to intentionally bring out the caution will be put on the rear.

10. Cars that start on the front row will have two chances for a green flag start. After 2 false starts the flagman will determine the starting position.

11. Any car that causes the yellow flag to be displayed must restart on rear. Once the white flag is taken by the leader the race will not be stopped for any reason until the checkered flag is displayed.

12. After 3 cautions on any one car, car must go to the pit.

13. Infield spinouts will not stop the race unless caused by another car. Any car attempting to stop the race by coming back on the track will be disqualified.

14. No work can be done on racecars on the track. No one but track officials are allowed on the track.

15. No courtesy laps will be given. Cars that go in the pits on a red or yellow flag must restart on the rear.

16. Cars determined to be illegal due to chassis, engine, or drive train will lose 25 pts. from the total pts. that have been earned from all previous races for that racing season for each infraction. This rule also applies to Late Models in respect to the tire rule. Any car determined illegal will receive no money, no trophy, and may be suspended.

17. Track officials have the right to reduce payout in any class due to low car count.