IMCA-Mod Rules:

Sunflower River Racetrack is a non-sactioned track.

IMCA rules apply, with exception of motor claim.

Bert or Brinn Transmission allowed.

Car must weigh a minimum of 2450 pds. with driver after feature race. All weight must be painted white with the car number on it. Weight must be bolted to the chasis.

Aluminum heads are legal. No magnetos. Wet oiling system only, oil coolers cannot protrude above the interior. Accumultors cannot be mounted between the driver and the left side door. No fuel injection, no electric fuel pumps.

Must have working caliper and rotors on each wheel that will lock all four wheels. No brake shut off devices allowed. One proportioning device allowed, front to rear. Vented rotors only, no scalloped rotors. Rotors cannot be lightened. Rotors may be redrilled for a different bolt pattern or larger studs. Caliper must be steel OEM approved and they cannot the lightened.

Gasoline or alcohol may be used, no NOS.

IMCA American Racer tires required.

One beadlock on the right rear only.

Must have mufflers.