1. Profanity, obscene, or improper behavior in front of race fans, officials, or management will NOT be    tolerated.  If at any time your dress, actions, or conduct are not in the best interest of the track, its           fans, competitors, or the sport of racing, you must leave the ground and suspension or disbarment           may result. The driver is responsible for their crew, family members and anyone known to be                  associated in any way with their car.

2. Any person entering the pit area must sign a release and purchase a pit pass that is visible, either on wrist  or belt loop, at all time.

3. Any person who encourages or takes part of adverse demonstrations or fighting on the track or            surrounding premises before, during, or after a racing event shall be subject to arrest, fine, immediate       suspension and/ or loss in prize money. This also applies to any person going to another person's pit         using profanity, obscene gestures, provoking and/ or starting a fight.  Track insurance excludes bodily      injury or property damage as a result in fighting.

4. There will be no drinking of alcoholic beverages or use of controlled substances in the pits before,        during, or after the racing program.

5. Management and officials will decide the final order and their decision is final.

6. Firesuits are required in all divisions. Fire retardent gloves and shoes are recommended.

7. Helmets are required in all divisions and must be worn at all time when car is on the track. Helmet must have   shield or goggles must be worn.  Neck brace is also recommended.

8. Racing type seats are required and must be securely fastened. Shoulder harness is mandatory. A quick  release harness no less than 3" wide is mandatory. This harness must be mounted in at least 5 points         below the driver's shoulders. Both ends must be fastened to roll cage with quality bolts no less than          3/8" in diameter. Belts shall come from behind driver.

9. Fire extinguishers are mandatory. Minimum of 2 lbs. fire extinguisher must be securely mounted          within reach of the driver. Extinguisher must have a pressure gauge.

10. Kill switch is required in reach of driver.

11. Tow hooks, front and rear, are required.

12. Electric fuel pumps are prohibited. There will be some exceptions where mechanical fuel pump can     not be used. Any electric fuel pumps that are allowed must be wired through an oil pressure switch          located on the engine block for easy inspection by the track officials.

13. Car numbers and letters must be at least 12 inches high and neatly painted on both sides of the car, on the door only. They also must be painted 36 inches high on the top of the roof.  Also it needs to be at  least 6 inches high on the right front and right rear where they can be clearly viewed by the track             officials and competitors. Numbers and letters must be a sharp contrast with the car's paint scheme         so that the numbers are easily read.

14. No nitrous oxide allowed. Gasoline shall not be blended with alcohols, ethers, or other oxygenates and shall not be blended with an aniline or its derivatives, nitro compounds or other nitrogen compounds.

15. Fuel calls are mandatory and must be securely fastened with a minimum of 2" wide steel straps thick.

16. All cars must start on their own power. No direct drives allowed. All cars must have a working          reverse gear.

17. All cars and any part of a car are subject to inspection by track officials at any time.

18. No front wheel drive cars allowed.

19. Drive shaft loops are mandatory for all classes. Suggested 2"X 1/4" thickness minimum. Drive shafts  must be painted white or flouresent orange.

20. All cars must remove any glass, mirrors, chrome, and flammable materials.  All sheet metal must be    securely fastened. Hood must be pinned in place at all times.  All cars must have working brakes.  All      cars must have firewalls with no holes between the motor, fuel tank, and the driver's compartment.          Fuel lines routed in the drivers compartment must be encased in steel pipe. If the battery is located in        the driver's compartment, it shall be in a box and securely fastened. Rollbar padding is recommended.
Protest Fees: 250.00          $200.00 goes to driver,  $50.00goes to the track
Protest Rules:
1. All protest will be made before the feature race event. A technical protest must be made in person and in writing accompanied by cash money, to the head tech official.

2. Protest may not be made by anyone but a driver, or car owner, with a car competing in that particular class.

3. Failure or refusing to tear down will result in disqualification and forfeiture of all prize money and all points that have been earned for the racing season, and a two week suspension.

4.Only the person making the protest, track officials, and one person representing car and their mechanic will be allowed at the tear down site. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Owner or driver of car being protested is responsible for  tear down of their car.

5. Track officials decision stands on all protest items.

6. The purse for the class being protested will be held til protest is finished.

7. Any items found illegal will result in car being disqualified for that race night and loss of prize money and all pts for that race.

8. Any car determined to be illegal due to chassis, engine, or drive train will lose pts that have been earned from all previous races.
                                                  **Individual Class Rules do apply**