1. Minimum  112"  wheelbase. No Chevrolets (cars or engines). No front wheel drives. Left side driver control steering and brake pedal. Right side (passenger) driver controls the throttle (accelerator pedal). Throttle must be moved to the right side of the car.

2. Rollover bar is required. Rollover bar cannot go through either firewall. Single bar or 4 point cage required. All glass must be removed and doors must be securely fastened.

3. Fuel cells are not required.

4. No modifications to body, suspension, or engine. Car must be stock.

5. No weights allowed.

6. Steering must remain stock.

7. Wheels and tires: 8" steel wheels, DOT tires only. No racing tires i.e. Hoosier, American Racer, IMCA, or Towel City retreads. Street legal Radial tires only. 60 series tires are permitted. No grooving, no grips.

8. Rearend must be stock, no welding.

9. Cars must race clockwise or counterclockwise.

10.  No more than 2 participants allowed in the race car during the race.

11. $500.00 claim on winning car. Does not include safety belts, harness, or racing seats.

12. Must run mufflers.

Claimer rules:  Teams making claim must drive their race car immediately after finishing feature, under its own power, directly to the claiming area. Only involved teams and officials are allowed in claiming area. Claims must  be made in writing to track official with 500.00 in cash within 5 mins. of feature event completion. Only a team finishing in the top five can claim winning car. Claiming team must swap cars with winning team. Only teams may claim race car and only teams can refuse to sell or sell race car.  Refusal to sell car forfiets all cash, trophies, and contingency winnings and all points for said event.  Any team that refuses to sell their race car, when claimed within rules, loses their right to claim any team's race car for the remainder of the season and will be suspended for 1 week or race, whichever comes first. Second offense will have a 2 week or 2 race suspension, whichever comes first, and $100.00 fine for each team member before allowing to compete.